Highlights from the 2024 Annual General Meeting

Date & Venue: Wednesday, April 17th, 2024, at the Archives, 178 McKellar Street, Glencoe.

Attendance: A solid turnout of 30 members, with all executives present except President Ken Beecroft.

Opening: Vice President Mary Simpson initiated the meeting at 7:00 PM, welcoming members old and new.

Remembrance: A moment of silence was observed for the late Lorne Munro, a member for 20 years.

Business as Usual: The minutes from the previous year’s AGM were approved without issue, and discussions moved smoothly to current matters.

Financial Health: Treasurer Marilyn McCallum presented a detailed financial report and budget for the upcoming year, which were both accepted unanimously.

Membership Milestone: Harold Carruthers announced a record membership count, reflecting the society’s ongoing relevance.

Engaging Programs: Program Director Mary Simpson introduced upcoming events, including a talk by local author C.J. Fredericks.

Election Excitement: Nominations for the new executive team were made and approved smoothly.

Dynamic Presentations: Members shared updates on various projects, showcasing the society’s diverse activities.

Closing: The meeting concluded at 8:50 PM, setting the stage for the incoming executive team.

With new leadership in place, the society is poised for another productive year.


Connect with membership and build close, working relationships with all our local groups, our regional heritage groups, and the elected reps and staff people of Southwest Middlesex and County of Middlesex. 

Ramp up our outreach and channels. Mobilize an IT circle to support improved communication and decision-making. 

Digitize and record our stories, curate, preserve, upload, and share. Figure out better platforms for working together. Facebook groups don’t cut it. 

Learn the tools offered by dynamic governance, and the flourishing business canvas 

Bring our elders and youth together. Tell all the stories. 10,000 years of local history. Place making. 

Build a cultural network to link history with tourism.  Nurture and support the arts in heritage and cultural communities. 

Lead the interactive Barn Quilt Trail project, which features an alliance of four organizations plus FedDev Government of Canada, the funder.   Link our cultural assets to local tourism strategies and investments. Work with Middlesex county tourism. Advocate for county archives. Interpret  history along the Thames river Watershed arts corridor

Invite skilled local people and support their history passions. Build teams around peoples interest. Assign domains.  Delegate authority. 

Update and revise our bylaws. Build a closer working relationship with the Ontario Historical Society. They want to support the Barn quilt project. 

Build out our organizational structure. We have a great foundation in our bylaws featuring managers. Build a circular hierarchy to support workers, facilitators, leaders, and admin support. 

Engage the branding dream team to do an agile branding process for G&DHS, the interactive Barn Quilt Trail, and our various groups and projects that need a brand

Figure out how to tell our amazing stories, make sure they are preserved and interpret the amazing history of Ontario Southwest, that we want to share with family, friends, community, travelers, guests, youth, new, Canadians, refugees, children, all of the people that make up our Rural society people.