Glencoe Fair

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Glencoe Spring Fair, Glencoe, Ont. Early 1900’s at the site of the current fairgrounds. Facing North where the swimming pool is today. The race track can be seen on the left. Photo is likely taken from the Crystal Palace. Photo from G&DHS archives.

The Glencoe Agricultural Society annually hosts the fall fair for Glencoe and the surrounding community. It is an event that dates to the mid-nineteenth century when each township had their own fairs which then united in the 1870’s into a common fair held in Glencoe. Today the fair is always the third full weekend following Labour Day.

Local fairs have a long history in the Glencoe area:

  • Mosa Fair (1848 – 1874) Mosa Twp had its own fair held at various locations. Strathburn, Wardsville, etc.)
  • Metcalfe Fair (1854 – ?) Metcalfe Twp had its fair which was later discontinued. North Metcalfe joined the Strathroy Fair, and South portion joined with Glencoe.
  • Ekfrid Fair (1857 – 1876) Ekfrid Twp had its own fair, held in Appin. This was held behind old Town Hall which is where the community centre is today.
  • Glencoe Joint Fair (1875, 1876, Spring 1877) Glencoe & Mosa Twp have a joint fair in Glencoe at the old Town Hall on McKellar Street. (The Village of Glencoe did not previously have a fair.)
  • Glencoe Union Fair (1877 – 1878) Glencoe, Mosa & Ekfrid Twps had joint fall fairs at Glencoe Town Hall.
  • Glencoe Fair (1879 – 1890) Glencoe, Mosa & Ekfrid Union fair at Graham property (10 year lease) at the South end of Glencoe. Fairgrounds called “The Driving Park”. A race track and Glencoe’s first Crystal Palace is built in 1879 on the Graham property.
  • Glencoe Fair (1891 – Present) In 1891 the Mosa & Ekfrid agricultural societies unite and became “The Mosa and Ekfrid Union Agricultural Society”. Land at current fairground (North end of Glencoe) was purchased in 1891 and the first fair was held at the current fairgrounds. The property with race track was owned by John McAlpine and was leased for the fair. Glencoe’s second Crystal Palace was built in 1892. The grandstand facing the race track was built in 1892 on fair board property. In 1910 the property with race track was purchased by the fair board.