Blood on the Snow – lecture about the Donnellys

Glenn’s talk on YouTube – give it a listen

Glenn Stott tells about 33 years of troubles that took place in Biddulph Township and Lucan Ontario region in Upper Canada from 1847 to 1880 and ended with the murder of five members of the Donnelly family.

The “Black” Donnellys were an Irish Catholic immigrant family who settled about 15 km northwest of London in the 1840s. The Donnellys’ feuds with local residents culminated in an attack on the family’s homestead by a vigilante mob on 4 February 1880, leaving five of the family dead and their farm burned to the ground. No one was convicted of the murders, despite two trials and a reliable eyewitness.

Glenn Stott is one of our members. He retired as a school administrator in the early 2000s and began his second career as an historian and author. Glenn has written several books on the history of South-Western Ontario including Witness to History: Tales of Southwestern Ontario and Greater Evils: The War in Southwestern Ontario. Through his teaching, speaking, and writing, Glenn has inspired generations of up and coming historians.

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