How Women Got the Vote

Tonight! May 29: How Women Got the Vote in Canada

May 29, 2024 at Tait’s Corners Community Centre, 21365  Tait’s Road, Glencoe, ON.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m

Arrive early.  Seating for 50 only.  General admission only.  No tickets being sold prior.  No reserve seating. 

Show starts at  7:00 p.m. sharp.

The Famous Five presented by the London Women’s History Project.  

Suggested donation of $10.  Tea and squares to follow.

Set in Edmonton during the Great War, we see the Famous Five return from a protest march to drink tea and discuss their cause and the war. Prime Minister, Robert Borden is in Edmonton and they must speak up…

Edmontonian Emily Murphy became the first female judge in the Commonwealth on January 1, 1916. On her first day in court and frequently thereafter, lawyers would begin their presentation by objecting to having their case heard by a woman judge because, they said, women were not “persons” as defined by the British North America Act of 1867.

Luckily for the women of Alberta, in 1917 the ruling by a Calgary judge, Alice Jamieson, was upheld by the Supreme Court of Alberta, thereby establishing the principle that both men and women were persons and therefore equals.


It is going to be a dynamic presentation by a very skilled company that shares this produection around southwest Ontario.  It is consistently presented at Fanshawe Pioneer Village.

Co-hosted by Tait’s Corners Community and Glencoe & District Historical Society

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The Famous Five presentations

: London Women’s History Project and the Famous Five presentations.

We’ve been doing the Famous Five presentation for several years to high school students at Fanshawe Pioneer Village as part of HistoryMatters programming. Some other audiences include Probus Clubs, church and business groups, The Women’s Canadian Club (at Centennial Hall), The Elgin County Women’s Institute, and recently student teachers at the Faculty of Education. 

The presentation titled Edmonton 1917 includes five actors and a narrator. It is easily adapted to room sizes and can be 20 minutes or a longer version of about 45 minutes which includes an audio visual presentation by Jean Hewitt about the waves of the feminist movement in Canada.

Jean Hewitt, who originated the project, also has a series of “Performance” pieces. These are 12 to 15 minute costumed solo performances of famous women who made a difference. Truly awesome women like Nellie McClung, Agnes McPhail, and Viola Desmond. These presentations are geared for classrooms with limited space or part of special event programming like International Women’s Day.

We are also producing another project called Women Making History. We’re partnering with Fanshawe Pioneer Village to produce this video series for distribution to high schools and public programming at The Village.

We have an enthusiastic Advisory committee who are committed to bringing all of these projects to life.

Provided by Nancy Johnson