Appin Cemetery Memorial

Appin Cemetery Memorial

Every July, the historical society pays tribute to our ancestors. This year we are remembering the people in Appin CemeteryApprox 1000+ burials (dates: 1914 – present)

Time: 2:00 p.m. on July 28, 2023

Location: Appin Cemetery, Thames Road (Concession 2, Lot 12)

Please bring a lawn chair.  There will be a program featuring music, poetry, and history of the cemetery. 

Afterwards we will share refreshments and fellowship and and wander among the stones to reflect on those who have gone before us.

Link to interactive G&DHS Cemetery Map.

From Glendon Drive turn north on Thames road as you leave Appin. Well marked entrance on your RH side between Glendon and Falconbridge. Cemetery is located up a long straight laneway.

Please be aware of highway traffic when entering and leaving. There will be ample parking on cemetery lanes. If inclement weather is an issue, we’ll  cancel.

Last year, the  Cemetery Memorial Service was held at the Kilmartin Cemetery

“Beyond the gates of the cemetery lives an historical account of our past, a rich heritage populated by friends and relatives.  Loved ones who can no longer be with us, but whose memories live on.”  – Josh Kekosz.   

Who We Are 2019

Mission:  to promote, encourage and foster the study of local history and genealogy including original research.

The Historical Society primarily focuses on local history within the bounds of the current Municipality of Southwest Middlesex, located in the south-west tip of Middlesex County.

The area includes:

  • Village of Glencoe
  • Ekfrid Township [Former]
  • Mosa Township [Former]
  • Appin
  • Newbury
  • Melbourne
  • Middlemiss
  • Wardsville

Local Expertise:  Many of our members are experts in regional history:

  • land registry records for West Middlesex 1790-1973
  • regional settlement in the 1800’s
  • life and culture throughout the past 200 years
  • involvement in WW1 and WW2
  • history of local families
  • significant buildings and structures
  • local agriculture
  • building design and methods, and
  • textiles, sewing, quilting.

Objectives:  The Glencoe & District Historical Society is an incorporated non-profit volunteer organization. It is a member of the Ontario Historical Society and the Ontario Genealogical Society. Our objectives are:

  • To promote, encourage and foster the study of local history and genealogy including original research.
  • To collect and preserve information, including books, manuscripts, typescripts, charts, maps, photographs, photostats, microfilms, tapes and related material for such historical study.
  • To reproduce some of the talks presented to the Society, as well as other research and materials, particularly relating to the region and to sell such reproductions.
  • To encourage, support and solicit research information on heritage buildings in our District as well as lend our support to other community groups who are active and interested in the preservation and restoration of heritage buildings.

The founding president Reverend George Hamilton held a strong passion regarding the preservation of local history and believed in the importance of sharing knowledge and engaging people with an organization that would provide an environment focused on encouraging these interests.  The Society was formed in April 1978.