Tartan Days at The Archives

It was a damp day July 15, 2023 for this year’s Tartan Days but people were coming and going at 8:00 p.m. at the Archives. It was a festive atmosphere all day long until things wound down after 3:00 p.m. At 1:00 p.m. Mayor Allan Mayhew and Deputy Mayor Mike Sholdice opened up proceedings attended by 43 people.

A short history of the following was shared by members of G&DHS:

200 years since Ekfrid Township were incorporated (1821) – Marilyn McCallum

200 years since Mosa Township was incorporated – Ken Willis

170 years since early days of Dundonald (Glencoe) building homes and businesses along the rail line (1853) – Harold Carruthers

125 years since the Glencoe Town Hall was built (1898) and the cornerstone was laid. 

150 years since the Incorporation of the Town of Glencoe in 1873. – Harold Carruthers

45 years since the Glencoe & District Historical Society was established in 1978. – Lorne Munro

Also: 100 years since the Glencoe Library was built by the Carnegie Foundation (1923).

60 years since Quad County school and Mosa Central School opened at Pratt Siding (1963) 

Harold Carruthers showed the time capsule that is being prepared, similar to what was recovered from the cornerstone of the old Glencoe Town Hall when it was demolished in the early 1960s.  It’s been 125 years since the Glencoe Town Hall was built (1898) and the cornerstone was laid.  If you have any ideas what should be included, let us know.

Funny coincidence: next month at The Blyth Festival Theatre, a new play called the Chronicles of Sarnia is premiering and starring our very own Mark Crawford, actor and playwright. Check it out: here is the plot:

Chronicles Of Sarnia

WORLD PREMIERE. Written by Matt Murray; Directed by Miles Potter 

Passionate, retired history teacher Erin has convinced the City of Sarnia to create a 100-year time capsule for future generations to open. She organizes a town-wide meeting for community input, with a replica of the capsule itself, ready to momentously unveil.

But in spite of homemade Nanaimo bars, only her husband, a department store employee, and a young woman who is there for… complicated reasons, show up. Oh, and the janitor.

Refusing to reschedule, Erin, undaunted, takes this tiny group in hand and sets about distilling the essence of, well, of Sarnia.