Salvaged from the Ruins: book launch Al McGregor

Al McGregor has launched his new book: Salvaged from the Ruins – A Novel of 1945. As One War Ends Another Begins.  Al’s novels serve up history with drama, great characters, and several intersecting storylines to keep things exciting. It’s hot off the press. Let’s help our local writer sell lots of copies.

Salvaged from the Ruins is a story about the end of WWII when millions of refugees flood Europe – a time when compassion is another casualty of war. The story is set against the events of 1945 in Europe, Canada and the United States.

Local author Al McGregor specializes in historical fiction. His books are based on the Canadian experience with an emphasis on Southwestern Ontario.

G&DHS was happy that their first ‘hybrid event’ went off without a hitch Wednesday, September 28th at the Archives in Glencoe.  Al also signed books at Glencoe Fair a few days prior.  

Here is a link to Al sharing his personal story as part of the Senior’s Life in the Talbot Settlement Series: Al McGregor

Conflict doesn’t end with surrender. The evidence is in the Ruins.

Al McGregor's Website:
Al McGregor tells his audience about the historical backstory to his new novel.
Al McGregor's Oral History 15 minute tale told to the Seniors Oral History Project, telling about growing up in West Elgin, how he got into broadcasting, and his love for writing historical fiction!