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Wardsville Public School
Wardsville Public School, Wardsville Ont. This is the third school building on this site, built in 1878 and demolished in 1961. Photo from G&DHS archives

The first school in Wardsville opened on the north side of Victoria Street in the 1840's. Due to high attendance an overflow school was used to accommodate the excess number of students. The overflow school was located across the street from the first school. In 1857 a new two-story brick school house was built to hold both public and high school students. This was the first high school in Mosa Township and surrounding area (Glencoe High School did not open until 1889). The Wardsville school burned down in 1877, but a new brick school was completed in 1878.

The Wardsville school remained both a public and high school until 1952 when the new Glencoe District High School was completed. High school students were now bused regularly to the new high school and the Wardsville school remained as a public school. In 1961 a new public school building was built and the old two-story brick building was demolished. The Wardsville Public school operated until 1973 when the school was closed and students were transfered to the new Mosa Central Public School on Pratt Siding Road*. Today Quad County Support Services occupies the former public school building in Wardsville.

*Mosa Central Public School was built in 1962 and opened in 1963. When Mosa Central opened students were transfered from schools S.S.#1, S.S.#2, S.S.#3 and S.S.#5. The old school houses were closed. Mosa Central had an addition built in 1972. In 1973 students from Wardsville Public School (S.S.#4) were transfered to Mosa Central.

Several school buildings were built on this property:

Wardsville Public School, 1924 Wardsville Public School class picture, 1924. Photo courtesy of the Ken Willis Collection

Wardsville Public School, 1949 Wardsville Public School class picture, 1949. Photo courtesy of the Ken Willis Collection

Map 1878 Atlas Location of Wardsville Public School shown in 1878 atlas. Historical Atlas of Middlesex County, 1878.

Wardsville Public School The fourth school was built in 1961. It functioned as a public school until 1973. Photo from G&DHS archives

Quad County Building, 2011 Today the school house is occupied by Quad County Support Services. Photo from Google Streetview, 2011

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