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Glencoe's First Cemetery: Active 1844-1931

Located slightly off Main Street at the south end of Glencoe, St. Andrews Cemetery was the first cemetery for Glencoe and the immediate surrounding area. Glencoe's first pioneers were buried here, and for 50 years was the primary burial location for local residents: Oakland Cemetery opened in 1894 after which there were very few burials at St, Andrew's. In 1932 a survey estimated 500 burials. Today this cemetery is an inconspicuous plot of land noted only by an arrangement of a dozen stones along with a modern stone layed by the Mosa Township Cemetery Board commemorating the families buried here.

St. Andrew's Cemetery St. Andrew's Cemetery, Glencoe Ontario. Only a few of the original stones remain. (Photo by NJ, 2011)

The Graham Family Plot
Duncan Graham first settled in Mosa Township on the south half of Lot 1, Con. 1 in 1832 and received the crown deed for the 100 acres in 1847. The Graham family established a family plot on the north-west corner of their land. It is believed that the first burial was Duncan's mother Mrs. John-Catherine McCormick Graham in 1844. For about 15 years this continued as the Graham family cemetery.

In 1861 Duncan Graham gave the land in front of the cemetery (between the cemetery and Main Street) for the building of a Presbyterian church. The land behind the church allocated for the cemetery was 5/8 acre (138ft x 200ft).

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church and Manse
St. Andrew's Church was completed in 1862. It was a brick church 38 by 50 feet in size, 20 feet high, capable of seating 300 personsı. The church sat well back from the street with a gravel walk leading up to it. A description includes: "there was a very high pulpit in the middle of the back wall, which was reached by a winding stair and there was a door on each side of the pulpit leading out to the graveyard behind. Because of this, at funerals the casket could be taken directly into the cemetery, with the mourners following"².

The last service held at St. Andrews was on September 1, 1889. St. Andrew's was torn down and its materials were used to assist the building of a new Presbyterian church closer in town, which was built during 1889-90. The church manse was moved across the street and in 1892 a new manse was built on the original manse property, but further back from the street (the author of this article lives there today!).

St. Andrew's Cemetery
In the year 1861 when St. Andrew's Presbyterian church was built the Graham family plot became St. Andrew's Cemetery. From that time there were many burials other than the Graham family and it became recognized as the local Glencoe cemetery. Most of the burials were made in the 1870's and 1880's, but after the opening of Oakland Cemetery on Longwoods Road in 1894, St. Andrew's was used less and less.

John Graham, who was buried on July 1928, was among the last buried at St. Andrew's. He was the great grandson of the first John Graham, buried in 1851. It is believed that the last burial was Jane A. White, aged 82, of Highland Park Michigan, who died on March 2, 1931.

Over the years some burials were moved from St. Andrews and other family plots to Oakland cemetery. Which burials were moved is now unknown, however there are currently 175 people recorded by tombstone engravings in Oakland Cemetery that died prior to its opening in May 1894. The St. Andrews cemetery records have also been long lost, apparently destroyed by fire.

Surviving Years of Neglect
Today there is not much left of St. Andrew's cemetery. Records have been lost, grounds were neglected, stones were broken. The 1950's and 1960's were tough decades for cemeteries.

In 1969 a group of local citizens made an effort to clean-up the cemetery. It was then that many of the remaining stones were photographed. In 1976 the Abandoned Cemetery Board restored several local cemeteries, and arranged the remaining intact stones at St. Andrew's on a concrete pad, as it is remains today.

(1) Seating 300 sounds quite unlikely. Land Registry Document 3502, 1862.
(2) "Glencoe In The 1880's By Mrs. Rose Stuart", Reprinted in 1986 by the Glencoe & District Historical Society

Memorial Stone Memorial Stone erected by the Mosa Township Cemetery Board in 1976. (Photo by NJ, 2011)

South Glencoe
Location of St. Andrew's Cemetery, Mosa Township Lot 1 Concession 1, at the south edge of Glencoe. The church was located between the cemetery and the road. Today there are two residential houses located in front of the cemetery. Google Maps, 2011

1878 Glencoe Plan
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church and Cemetery. An acre lot for the Presbyterian Manse is also indicated. Note that Main Street marks the division between Mosa and Ekfrid Townships. The village of Glencoe sits on this boundary. Plan for the South Half of Lot No.1 1st Con, Township of Mosa "Being an Extension to the Village of Glencoe", 1878. From the collection of H. Carruthers.

St Andrew's Cemetery, 1974
St. Andrew's Cemetery. Several decades of neglect. Transcript and Free Press, Sept 12, 1974

List of Burials

This list of burials is based on photographs of burial stones by Russell Walker in 1967, the remaining stones at the cemetery today, and various other sources that indicate individuals that were buried at St. Andrews cemetery. This is certainly not a complete list of all those buried, but it is the best that could be done. I apologize for any mistakes: reading century old stones is challenging, especially from 30 year old photographs!

˟ Indicates documented in Russell Walker's 1967 album.
* Indicates burial stone still present.

Audrey(?), Murdoch M.*
   Died May 10, 1875. Age 57 years, 5 months, 18 days

Davidson, Mary Jane˟
   Daughter of George and Janet Davidson
   Died July 13, 1877. Age 1 year, 6 months, 3 days

Davenport, Helen˟
   Daughter of Harry and Matilda Davenport
   Died Jan 20, 1892. Age 1 yr, 2 months

Dickie, Bertha D.˟*
   Daughter of Andrew and Margaret Dickie
   Age 13 months

Dickie, Joseph P.˟*
   Son of Andrew and Margaret Dickie
   Age 10 months

Dickie, Margaret˟*
   Wife of Andrew Dickie
   Died Jan 5, 1879. Age 33 yrs

Dickie, Mary M. W.˟*
   Adopted daughter of John S. and Mary Walker
   Died Feb 5, 1910. Age 28 yrs

Dickie, Melissa M.˟*
   Wife of Andrew Dickie
   Died July 1, 1882. Age 25 yrs, 2 months, 20 days

Dickie, Royden S.˟*
   Son of Andrew and Margaret D|ickie
   Age 14 days

Duncanson, Catherine˟
   (Presumably wife of Peter Duncanson)
   Died April 13, (?)

Duncanson, Peter˟
   Died Nov 3, (?)

Ferguson, Fergus˟
   Died Feb 3, 1870. Age 28 yrs

Ferguson, Margaret˟
   Wife of Fergus Ferguson
   Died Marcch 10, 1872. Age 70 yrs

Gardiner, James˟*
   Born May 18, 1822
   Died Jan 18, 1893. Age 70 yrs, 7 months, 25 days
   Native of Fermanah(?) Ireland

Graham, Archibald˟*
   Died March 31, 1908. Age 84 yrs

Graham, Annie*
   Wife of John Graham (d. 1914)
   Died June 19, 1899
   Age 72 yrs

Graham, Bella M.˟
   Daughter of A. and M. Graham
   Died May 11, 1881. Age 25 years, 10 months, 19days

Graham, Catherine˟
   Wife of John Graham
   Died Nov 30, 1841. Age 77yrs

Graham, Daniel˟*
   Died Jan 18, 1887. Age 23 yrs

Graham, Donald˟*
   Died Nov 13, 1874. Age 77yrs
   Native of Argyleshire, Scotland

Graham, Duncan˟
   Died Feb 24 1873.
   Native of Scotland

Graham, Flora*
   Wife of (?)
   Died Nov 15, 1883. Age 73 yrs.
   Native of Argyleshire, Scotland

Graham, Grace*
   Daughter of Donald and Grace C. Graham
   Died May 25, 1885. Age 30yrs

Graham, Grace C.˟*
   Wife of Donald Graham
   Died Jan 8, 1833 Age 88 yrs
   Native of Argyleshire, Scotland

Graham, John˟
   Died Dec 21, 1851. Age 88yrs

Graham, John*
   Died Jan (?) 1914. Age 92 yrs

Graham, Malcolm˟*
   Died Oct 31, 1889. Age 21 yrs

Graham, Margaret
   Wife of Archibald Graham˟*
   Died Jan 27, 1922. Age 93 years

Graham, Mary*
   Daughter of Donald and Grace C. Graham
   Died 1849. Age 19 yrs

Griffith, Flora(?)˟
   Wife of Ezra Griffith
   Died July(?) 29, 1879. Age 40(?) years

Griffith, Nathan˟
   Infant son of E. and F. Griffith
   Died July 5, 1874

Henderson, Mary˟
   [Wife of] (?) James Henderson
   Died Jan 13, 1884. Age 42 yrs, 6 month, 25 days.

Havelock, Mary G.˟
   Died Feb 12, 1871. Age 2 months, 12 days

Horn, Catherine (Graham)˟
   Wife of Thomas A., Horn,
   Daughter of Donald and Grace Graham
   Died 1863

Mackenzie, Angus*
   Died April 7, 1892. Age 47 yrs, 5 months, 21 days

MacKenzie, Hette˟*
   Daughter of Angus and Catherine MacKenzie
   Died Dec 13, 1887. Age 18 yrs, 1 month, 20 days

Mary Mawhiney˟
   Wife of William Mawhiney
   Died Sept. 24, 1889. Age 82 years, 4 months.
   A native of (?) and emigrated to Canada in 1840

Mawhiney, William˟
   Died April 23, 1874. Age 74 yrs.
   A native of Ireland(?) and emigrated to Canada in 1831

McAlpine, Alex˟
   Died Jan(?) 1854. Age 81 yrs

McAlpine, Catherine (Graham)˟
   Widow of John McAlpine
   Died May 17, 1861. Age 56 yrs

McAlpine, Donald˟
   Died Sept. 28, 1873. Age 52(?) yrs

McAlpine, Elizabeth (McFarlone)˟
   Wife of A. E. McAlpine
   Died July 18, 1865. Age 86 yrs

McAlpine, Infant daughter of Donald and Mary McAlpine˟
   Died Nov 23, 1886

McAlpine, James˟
   Son of Malcome and Jane McAlpine
   Died Aug 8, 1872. Age 15 yrs, 6 months

McAlpine, Katie C.˟
   Daughter of Donald and Mary McAlpine
   Died Oct 8, 1878. Age 24 yrs, 2 months

McAlpine, Sarah˟
   Wife of D. McAlpine
   Died March 7, 1886. Age 70 yrs

McArthur, Catherine˟
   Daughter of (?) McArthur
   Died Sept 2, 1874. Age(?) 31 yrs

McCallum, Archibald˟
   Died May 4, 1873. Age 56 years

McCallum, Donald˟
   Died July 2, 1851. Age 39 yrs

McCallum, John˟
   Son of John and Nancy McCallum
   Died Nov 24, 1874. Age 19 years, 4 months, 22 days

McCallum, Margaret (McRae)˟
   Died Sept 4, 1891. Age 73 yrs, 5 months

McColl, Alexander˟
   Died Jan 30, 1870. Age 20 yrs, 8 months

McCutcheon, John M.˟
   Son of Alex and Martha McCutcheon
   Died Aug 7, 1881. Age 15 years, 5 months

McDonald, James˟
   Died April 3, 1900. Age 84 years

McDonald, Sarah˟
   Wife of James McDonald
   Age 86(?) years

McEacheran, Donald*
   Son of Donald and Margaret McEacheran
   Died Sept 27, 1874. Age 15 yrs

McEacheran, Donald˟*
   Died Aug 8, 1899. Age 79 years and 6 months
   Native of Argyleshire Scotland

McEacheran, John*
   Died Feb 18, 1856. Age 71 years

McEacheran, Margaret (Lindsay)˟*
   Wife of Donald McEacheran
   Died Nov 25, 1867
   Native of Argyleshire Scotland

McEacheran, Mary*
   Wife of John McEacheran
   Died March 10, 1870. Age 80 yrs

McEachern, Alex˟*
   Died Feb 4, 1892. Age 38 years

McKellar, A. B. Henry˟
   Son of Dwight and Mary McKellar
   Died Jan 19, 1881. Age 3 months, 2 weeks

McKellar, Mary (McLarty)˟
   Wife of John McKellar
   Died Jan 25, 1901. Age 34 years

McKenzie, James˟
   Son of (?)
   Died Jan 11, 1863. Age 1 month, 10 days

McKenzie, John˟
   Son of (?)
   Died Aug 13, 1871. Age 5 yrs, 2 months, 24 days

McLarty, Catherine˟
   Died Sept 20, 1900. Age 79 years
   Native of Argyleshire, Scotland

McLarty, Donald˟
   Died May 5, 1877. Age 74 yrs
   Native of Argyleshire, Scotland

McRae, Archibald˟
   Son of (?) McRae
   Died Feb 19, 1875. Age 6 yrs

McRae, Duncan˟
   Died April 20, 1870.
   Native of (Fentail Ross?) Scotland
   Emigrated to Canada in 1848

McRae, Floria˟
   Wife of Kenneth McRae
   Died Aug 15, 1856. Age 43 yrs

McRae, Kenneth˟
   Died Oct. 5, 1876. Age 73 yrs

McRae, Mary˟
   (Wife of ?) Duncan McRae
   Died Feb. 20, 1870
   Native of (Fentail Ross?) Scotland
   Emigrated to Canada in 1848

McRae, Philip*
   Died June 11, 1882. Age 56 yrs

Mitchell, Margaret˟
   Wife of William Mitchell of Metcalfe
   Died Aug 21, 1871. Age 74 yrs

Oldrieve, Isabella˟
   Daughter of J. and M. Oldrieve
   Died Oct 19, 1875. Age 1 year, 2 months, 17 days

Oldrieve, (?)˟
   Child of J. and M. Oldrieve
   Died April 15, 1871. Aged (?) yrs and 2 months

Oldrieve, (?)˟
   Child of J. and M. Oldrieve
   Died May 28. Aged 2 yrs and (?) months

Oldrieve, Thomas˟
   Child of J. and M. Oldrieve
   Died Aug 21, 1873. Age 1 yr, 10 days

Ross, Randolph˟
   Died Dec 9, 1885

Sexsmith, Dora
   Daughter of John N. and Rhoda Sexsmith
   Died Oct. 2, 1889. Age 10 yrs

Simpson, Eliza˟*
   Wife of Christopher Simpson
   Died April 16, 1880. Age 91 yrs, 10 months, 19 days

Simpson, Joanna˟
   Wife of Wm J. Simpson Esq.
   Died Oct 21, 1876. Age 47 yrs, 8 Months, 18 days

Squire, Edward H.˟
   Died July 1, 1881. Age 76 years, 3 months, 2 days

Squire, Margaret˟
   Wife of Edward H. Squire
   Died Nov 12, 1894. Age 87 years, 8 months, 12 days

Strachan, Elizabeth˟
   Wife of John Strachan
   Died March 29, 1869, Age 74 yrs

Thompson(?), Andrew˟
   Son of James and (?) Thompson(?)
   Died Aug 13, 188(?), age 5(?)

Thompson(?), Minnie˟
   Daughter of James and (?) Thompson(?)
   Died 1886. Age 5 yrs

   Infant of James and (?) Thompson(?)
   Died 1886. Age 5 days

Trestain, Charity C.˟
   Wife of George Trestain
   Died Feb 4, 1883. Age 78 yrs

Walker, John Simpson˟*
   Died Feb 10, 1920. Age 84 yrs

Walker, Mary˟*
   Wife of John S. Walker
   Died Oct 6, 1912. Age 60

Walker, Mary˟
   Infant daughter of John S. and Mary Walker

Webb, Daniel H.˟
   Son of William and C. Webb
   Died May 22, 1873. Age 4 yrs, 10 months

White, Jane A.*
   Died March 2, 1931

White, Oliver˟*
   Died Nov 24, 1880. Age 45 yrs
   A native of Brighton Sussex England

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