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SS3 Ekfrid S.S.#3 Ekfrid, Springfield Road, Ekfrid Township Ont. 1915. Built in 1894 this was the third school house in this local area. G&DHS Archives.

The first school house in Ekfrid Township was a log structure built in 1834 on the east side of Longwoods Road between Mayfair and Springfield Roads. In 1860 a new frame building was built on the north-east corner of Longwoods and Springfield Road. In 1894 a brick schoolhouse was built on the North side Springfield Road. This school house remained active until 1969 when Ekcoe Central Public School opened in Glencoe and several of the old schools were closed. Today the building is a private residence.

The First School Houses:

The original site of section 3 school was on Duncan McLean's property on the east side of Longwoods road between Mayfair and Springfield (Lot 6 Range 1 SLWR). The first classes of section 3 were held in a log building on the McLean farm in 1834 and were taught by William Livingston followed by Malcom Campbell in 1838. Other teachers of section 3 include Samuel P. Stiles, Donald MacIntyre, Kenneth Thomson, Hector McFarlene, Duncan McTavish, John A McNaughton, James, MacDonald, Angus Elliott, Carrie Lee, John McDougall, Sarah McLean, Lily Bradley, Matjorie McLean, Miss Toal, and Eileen Wright.

In 1842 the townships were divided into school sections, and this school serviced the area defined by School Section #3. Later in 1860 a new frame school house was built on the north east corner of Springfield and Longwoods road.

Gilbert Hyndman and S.S.#3:

In 1893, Gilbert Hyndman, a prosperous philanthropist, attended the Chicago World’s Fair. Hyndman was enthused by an award winning architect and was determined to make his vision the new section 3 school house. The plans for the school were purchased and sent to Ontario and the school began construction in 1894. The School was a single story yellow brick building with a cut limestone foundation and slate roof. The building was a one room classroom with a cloak and furnace room which incorporated an air intake system keeping the school warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

This remained an active school house until 1969 when the new Ekcoe Central school opened and various other schools closed. The bell from this school was transfered to Ekcoe Central Public School in Glencoe leaving the belfry empty. Today the school building still stands as a private residence.

S.S.#3 2011 S.S.#3 Ekfrid, 2011. Today the building is a private residence. Google Streetview, 2011.

Ekfrid SS3 Reunion Ekfrid S.S.#3 Reunion photo from 1976. G&DHS Archives.

S.S.#3 2011 Travelling North on Longwoods Road the school house is on the left side just before the village of Melbourne. Today the building is a private residence. Google Streetview, 2011.

S.S.#3 Map Location of SS#3 Ekfrid in 1878. At the corner of Springfield and Longwoods Rd. Atlas of Middlesex County, 1878.

Ekfrid SS3 Bell Ekfrid S.S.#3 Bell, 2011. Currently located in the courtyard of Ekcoe Central School. Photo by NJ, 2011.

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