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SS1 Mosa S.S.#1 Mosa, Sideroad #4 at Longwoods Road, 1888.

Built in 1873 this magnificent yellow brick building for School Section #1 (S.S. #1) served the community for 90 years. The school was located on Old Airport Road (#4 Sideroad) on the North side of Longwoods Road. On June 30, 1963 the school was closed and students were transferred to the new three-room school on Pratt Siding Road.


An act of Upper Canada government in 1816 empowered the people in any locality to elect three trustees and open a school as soon as they had at least 20 pupils and built a school house. An initial grant of $24,000 was provided to aid in the building and support of schools in the province, with each locality eligible for a portion of the grant based on the number of pupils, to a maximum of $100. The trustees had to hire the teacher and were the sole judge of the necessary qualifications.

Prior to 1841 the schools were supported by an amount agreed upon between the teachers and trustees, to be paid by the parents of the pupils according to the number of children from each home. The teacher generally boarded in the homes of the parents, this being considered a portion of the teacher's compensation.

In 1841 power to levy taxes in school regions was granted and in 1842 the District Council passed a by-law providing for the division of townships into School Sections.

S.S. #1 1908 S.S.#1 Mosa, Sideroad #4 at Longwoods Road, 1908.

The Early Schools:

The first school that opened in School Section #1 was in 1840. It was a log structure built on the North half of Lot 5, Range 1 North (Near the intersection of Trillium Drive and Old Airport Road). Some years later a second log school house was built on the south corner of Lot 4, just north of Longwoods Road.

In 1851 property was purchased for a new school house on Lot 4, facing Old Airport Road. A frame building was built and opened in 1855. This school operated for 17 years, when in 1872 it was destroyed by fire.

A fourth school house was built on the same school property in 1873. It was a large yellow brick building at a cost of $1400. Furnishings including desks, chairs, stove and pipes, and maps amounted to $230. This building serviced the community as a school and general community center for 90 years.

S.S. #1 1921 S.S.#1 Mosa, 1921.

S.S.#1 Map School Section #1. (A)First log school house. (B)Subsequent school houses.

S.S. #1 1906 S.S.#1 Mosa, 1906.

S.S. #1 1925 S.S.#1 Mosa, 1925.

S.S. #1 1908 S.S.#1 Mosa, Sideroad #4 at Longwoods Road, 1938.

S.S. #1 1962 S.S.#1 Mosa, 1962.

School Closing:

S.S. #1 was closed on June 30, 1963 and the students were transferred to Pratt Siding. The school house and property were sold in a closed auction. The school remained boarded up for several years until it was sold again and renovated into a private residence. It was then destroyed by fire. Today a modern house sits on the location of S.S. #1.

S.S. #1 1967 S.S.#1 Mosa, 1967.

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4) Members of the community contacted by phone and in person.

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